You Can Make an Impact through Our Annual NDT Salary & Benefits Survey

Since 1994 PQNDT has conducted an annual survey among NDT and quality assurance professionals. This survey is designed to compile data that, when analyzed by our team, paints a broad picture of industry compensation and hiring trends. Our survey tracks changes in salary levels, trends in benefits, and other key information based on industry, geographic location, and certification level.

We like to think of it as an annual, full-body physical for the NDT industry.

By compiling comprehensive data from those who work in NDT and quality inspection, our hope is to keep the industry moving forward year after year towards a more successful future. If we identify troubling trends, we can work together as an industry and to correct them. When we see positive trends, we can celebrate the driving forces behind them. This survey is designed to help NDT professionals to understand where they stand in the industry by providing key benchmarks on which they can judge their own performance.

Last year’s survey showed that our industry viewed our nation’s economy with cautious optimism. Has the rapidly accelerating economic recovery reached the NDT industry? Have salaries kept up the pace? Are employers restoring benefits that were lost during the recession? We want to know, and we need your help!

If you are an NDT professional, please take 5 minutes to complete our 2013 survey on-line:

Please note that our survey will be open for your participation for just a few weeks. So please take a few minutes now to complete the survey on-line.

NDT professionals are extremely hard working people, and have proven to be proactive in seeking career opportunities. This year we eagerly await the results of the survey, specifically the trends in compensation and hiring, as these results tend to be a microcosm of our nation’s current economic trends.

Make your voice heard by participating in our annual survey today.

Michael Serabian is president of PQNDT, Inc., the NDT and Quality Inspection industry’s leading personnel recruitment and placement agency. For additional information, please contact him at (800) 736-3841, or visit our web site at