Why We Measure

If you have not completed our online survey of salaries and benefits in the NDT industry, stop reading this. Log on to our website right now and fill out the survey. It will only take a few minutes, and you’ll be glad that you did it.

Why? If you are in the NDT industry, you measure things for a living. It only makes sense that we measure the living you make.

Because of our position in the industry, PQNDT is uniquely qualified to “take the pulse” of NDT when it comes to issues of compensation. Over the years our survey has evolved to focus on essential variables such as annual compensation, hourly wages, full-time vs. contract employment, and benefit packages. We also break out distinct industry segments, geographic regions and certification levels.

How you use the results of the survey (which will be announced at this Fall’s ASNT conference in Houston) is up to you. Perhaps you are simply curious about whether or not you are making as much money as the next person. Or you may want to use the survey as a means to negotiate a better wage or benefits package with your employer.

One way to use our survey results is to help gauge whether or not you would be better off working in another industry segment or another state. By comparing your current wages and benefits to the averages from around the country, you will hopefully be able to determine if a job change might be beneficial.

If you are an employer, our survey results can help keep you competitive in a tightening labor market. You need to know what other companies are offering their employees in terms of wages and benefits in order to be sure that you are not underpaying – or overpaying – your own NDT staff.

Thanks for taking the time to participate in our survey. I hope you find the results interesting, informative and helpful in managing your NDT career.