When the Answer Is “No.”

You put together a good resume. Sought out and found the perfect job opening. Contacted the hiring manager and got an interview. Made a good appearance and answered all the questions correctly. But you did not get the job. What went wrong?

The simple fact is, you are not going to get every job you apply for. But if you keep your cool and remain positive, you can learn and benefit from each rejection.

If the rejection is made by telephone or in person, ask the interviewer why you were rejected. The interviewer will probably be impressed with your courage in the face of rejection, and will probably explain his decision.

Listen closely to his response. The object is to learn what negative perceptions resulted in your not being offered the job. After the interviewer finishes, ask politely and enthusiastically for an opportunity to address these points. It is important to remain very professional. If the interviewer declines, don’t get discouraged or argue – at least you had the guts to ask.

Be prepared to fix the objections you have been given, regardless of whether you agree or disagree. Work on your presentation skills, become more proactive, learn to relax, and communicate your experience and talents more clearly.

Remember: Every job rejection is one step closer to a job offer.