Researching Job Opportunities

If you are in the market for a new or better job (and who isn?t?), part of the process should be to identify companies where you would like to work. Perhaps the business is located in a warm climate, or closer to your home, or near the ocean. Or, maybe, the company is larger than your present employer and offers more opportunity for growth; or smaller and will provide a more relaxed work environment.

Whatever your reasons for seeking a new job, there are several steps you can take to investigate potential employers. Why? The more you know about a company before sending a resume or scheduling an interview, the more likely you are to make a good impression and win the job.

Web Research
The internet has become one of the best sources of information on businesses of all types and sizes. Start with a thorough search of the company?s own web site. Pay attention to the way they talk to their customers and how they present employees, products and services. The tone that a business uses on its web site is a clue about the ?corporate culture? of the organization. Understanding the way they do business can help you adapt how you present yourself during an interview.

In addition to the company?s web site, do a Google search to see what other sites have to say about your potential employer. Does the company show up in on-line articles? Are there any negative comments posted about the business from former employees or customers?

If the company is publicly traded, look up the performance of their stock. A solid performer with regular dividends is an indication of stability and longevity ? good traits in a potential employer.

The NDT industry can be a close-knit group, with individuals moving from one company to another. Get in touch with your contacts and ask them about the company you are considering. Do they have a good reputation within the industry? Do you know anybody who has worked for the company? Do they promote from within? Does the business have a high employee turnover rate? If you can identify a few of the company?s customers, contact them to ask how they feel about working with the organization. You want to work for a business that has a reputation for good customer service.

Read All About It
Spend some time looking through back issues of NDT industry trade journals to see if the company is mentioned. What does their advertising look like? Take a look at who their competition is and how they compare. Search local newspaper archives for stories about the business to find out if they are an active participant in the community ? another positive trait.

Doing your homework ahead of time can help prepare you to develop a stronger cover letter, perform better during an interview and stand out as the best candidate for the job.