Jump Starting Your Career In NDT

Are you considering a career in NDT? Here are five good tips to help smooth the way:

  1. Write a good resume. A resume is often the only way a potential employer can judge between applicants for a job. If your resume is complete and well organized, you will appear that way, as well.
  2. Get certified. Don’t settle for remaining at Level I. Always be working toward the next certification, gaining more skills and experience as you go. This is how you build a career in NDT.
  3. Be flexible. Take assignments that may not be exactly what you want. They will help you learn more about your profession. Be willing to try something new, even if you may struggle at first. You’ll never learn or advance unless you are willing to be a little uncomfortable.
  4. Be patient. Expect to work at a job before you enjoy a career. That means you may have to work harder, over longer hours, on less interesting projects, for less pay, until you have earned the right to move up.
  5. Always be looking ahead. The NDT industry is filled with wonderful opportunities to work on new projects, for new companies, with engaging people and in interesting places. Make sure you keep your eyes open and hopes up for your next career move.