How to Research a Potential Employer

With the economy improving, the job market for NDT and quality inspection professionals is expanding to near pre-recession levels. While unemployed and underemployed NDT technicians have had to jump at any almost opening in recent years, many are now finding they have multiple opportunities and more flexibility in choosing a new job.

This is particularly good news for those NDT professionals who are already employed but are seeking to improve their careers with an upward move. A more competitive job market means they have a chance to make a smart move to a company or industry of their own choosing. But it also offers the challenge of determining just where you want to take your career.

There are two ways to find the “right” company for your career and life. Both should be used simultaneously to maximize the chances of uncovering your dream job.

The first approach is to market yourself aggressively. This means crafting a “killer” resume that shines a light on your capabilities and accomplishments, then getting it into the hands of as many potential employers as possible. The challenges surrounding this technique are multiple. If you are already employed you may not want to risk exposing your job search publicly. Of more concern, you simply can’t know about every company in NDT that is actively hiring. That’s where technology can help, in the form of an on-line jobs database or recruitment service that can showcase your resume anonymously to a wide array of potential employers.

The second step you should take is to research those companies that you feel will be a good fit for you both personally and professionally. Your criteria might include:

  • Type of work the company performs
  • Geographic location in which you would work
  • Salary and benefits
  • Potential for advancement
  • Financial stability of the business.

By creating a “best scenario” for yourself you can begin to narrow down the potential employers who fit the description. At this point go back to the web to learn as much as you can about those companies that make your short list of desirable employers. What certifications will they require? Is hiring done through a human resources department or directly by managers who are “on the line”? What types of customers do they serve? Do they have a single location? Might you be asked to relocate? How well do they pay?

Doing your homework can pay off by smoothing the career path that is rolling out ahead of you. But in order to advance down that path you must first get a foot in the door in the form of a formal interview. Knowing which company you want to work for means nothing if, 1.) They aren’t hiring; or 2.) You can’t get an interview.

That’s where a resource like PQNDT can help. Once you’ve done your research on the type of company you want to work for, PQNDT can provide access to a wide range of open jobs to find you an interview at a company that fits your criteria. We’ll even work with you on your interview skills and help you to come up with a plan to stand out in an ever-growing pile of electronic resumes. By working together with PQNDT, you’ll put yourself in a position to move ahead in your NDT career.

Michael Serabian is president of PQNDT, Inc., the NDT and Quality Inspection industry’s leading personnel recruitment and placement agency. For additional information, please contact him at (800) 736-3841, or visit our web site at