Get Your Full Mileage

Get it in Writing

Do you have certification in specific NDT functions? Can you prove it?

We all know that certification is the key to advancing your NDT career. Everybody in the industry should be continuing their education and training to learn additional skills, and as new testing methods come on line. But just taking the classes is not enough. You need the documentation to prove that you have attained certification.

This may seem like a ?no brainer,? but can you quickly put your hands on all of the certificates you have earned over the years? Unless you are supremely organized, it may take a long search through old files to find what you need.

Having proof of certification is taking on new importance. Companies hiring in NDT (both in-house and contractors) are tightening up their requirements for certification. Any company that is ISO certified (or seeking ISO certification) is almost sure to require written documentation of certification from its NDT staff and external contractors.

Even a basic NDT function such as radiography is seeing heightened scrutiny. In order to protect radioactive materials from falling into the wrong hands, many states are now requiring radiographers to have a ?state card? that can only be obtained through proof of certification and a background check.

What can you do to prove your certifications? Smart NDT professionals maintain a certification notebook or binder, with printed copies of class completion certificates, transcripts or school diplomas. Even if your employer pays for certification, you should obtain a copy for your own files.

Keep your binder up to date and readily accessible in case you need proof of certification for a specific project, or a new job search.