Finding NDT Techs

Finding and retaining reliable, qualified nondestructive testing technicians has never been easy. As the economy continues to strengthen, hiring managers will find the task becoming even more difficult. Qualified NDT techs will have more jobs from which to choose, and the labor market will tighten once again.

In today’s connected world, your old methods of recruitment may not be enough. Try some new approaches to recruitment and hiring to find the NDT techs and inspectors you need.

  1. Start with the web. Most of today’s techs are computer-savvy, and more comfortable searching the Internet than the newspaper. Take the money you would have spent on newspaper classifieds and invest instead in a web-based recruitment strategy. You’ll connect with techs who are bright and inquisitive enough to search the web for work. And you’ll also open up your search to a wider geographic area. In today’s mobile society, there is no telling where your next inspector will come from.
  2. Sell your company. In the past, simply advertising an open NDT position was often sufficient to attract several resumes or applications. But in a tighter market, you’ll have to make the position more attractive. Make sure prospective NDT techs know the advantages of working for your company: competitive salary and benefits, interesting work, opportunity for advancement, and status within the NDT community. Sell yourself as a desirable place to work.
  3. Refine your benefits package. Salary alone isn’t enough to attract the best employees. Offering an attractive compensation package that includes competitive benefits is vital. Find out what your competition (both in and out of the NDT field) is offering in your area and sweeten your deal to pull in better people.
  4. Get professional help. Can you devote a significant portion of each day to searching for qualified people, reviewing resumes, checking references and interviewing candidates? Not likely. That’s why engaging a professional recruitment firm can easily be a cost-effective solution. A good recruiter will do the legwork of finding, sorting, and pre-qualifying candidates, bringing you the “cream of the crop.” Make sure the recruiter has direct experience in the NDT field so they’ll be able to connect with the right candidates. And remember, most recruitment firms only charge a fee when they’re successful.