Eight Ways to Make Your Job Search Work

Searching for a new job can be intimidating and time consuming. Securing the right NDT or Quality position takes research, persistence, hard work and patience. Here are eight helpful hints to make your job search effort more productive.

  1. Set specific career goals. Now is the right time to evaluate what you want out of your career. What do you like about your current job? What do you want to change? Where do you want to be in your career five or ten years from now? Write down your preferences and hopes and refer to this list often during your search.
  2. Do your research. Read industry trade magazines and visit NDT websites to find out which industries are growing, what skills are in demand and in which parts of the country the jobs are. After selecting the industry, research which companies are growing and meet your criteria and then target them as potential employers.
  3. Build a good resume and cover letter. Make sure they are geared towards the specific industry and job for which you are applying. First impressions are critical, and your resume and cover letter may be the only chance you will have to make an impact. Get help in writing and organizing a resume that is concise, results-oriented and easy to follow. And make sure your cover letter is professional, compelling and free from errors.
  4. Keep your skills current. Make sure your certifications are all up to date. Always be working toward improving and expanding your skill set and experience. The more versatile you are, the more valuable you will be to prospective employers.
  5. Get out and network. You never know when an opportunity will come up, or whom you may meet that can open a door for you. Carry business cards with you at all times. Attend industry conferences and meetings, and participate in on-line NDT forums. See and be seen.
  6. Be willing to relocate. If you are not open moving to a new location, you will probably have fewer career options. It may be necessary to go where the good jobs are. Relocation can be difficult, but can also create new opportunities and horizons.
  7. Consider contract employment. Temporary assignments can give you a chance to “test the waters” in a new location or with a new company. You’ll also gain valuable experience that could help you land a permanent job.
  8. Use a placement firm. A professional recruitment company that focuses on the NDT and Quality industries has contacts that you could never hope to match on your own. A recruiter can become your advocate and handle much of the work of researching opportunities and setting up interviews. Best of all, there is no cost to you, as the hiring company pays any fees.

Searching for a new position in the NDT or Quality industry can become a full time endeavor. Following these suggestions will help you clarify your career goals and focus your search on opportunities that are right for you.