Can NDT Keep Up the Pace?

The results of our annul NDT Salary & Benefits survey are now available on our website. Responses to the survey indicate a continuing surge in growth across the NDT and quality inspection industries.

The NDT and quality inspection industries appear riding the crest of a wave that is tied to the nationwide economic recover. NDT is still ahead of the national average when it comes to employment and the rate of wage increases. This has been a consistent trend over the past few years. But can this resurgence extend into the years ahead?

All signs say, “Yes.” While U.S. unemployment in 2014 fell to approximately 6%, unemployment in the NDT field dropped even further, to 3.5%. At PQNDT we have been serving a growing number of companies seeking to fill open NDT and quality inspection positions, and many of our candidates are fielding multiple job offers. These are all signs of a healthy and vibrant industry.

Among the highlights from this year’s survey:

  • NDT professionals have an improved outlook on economic stability and employment prospects across the board
  • An average 4% rise in overall compensation levels far outpacing the Consumer Price Index and inflationary rates
  • There continues to be incremental growth in the number of females employed in several industry segments, and in NDT overall
  • There was a slight rebound in Contractor employment, perhaps an indication that companies are struggling to find Full-Time workers

This is all good news for those of us in NDT and quality, as increased manufacturing and construction activities should keep our industry’s own recovery on an upward track.

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The PQNDT Salary and Benefits Survey has been an important benchmark for the NDT industry since its inception in 1994. The survey provides a profile of compensation and benefits in the nondestructive testing field, and examines industry trends by region, industry and NDT certification level.

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