Avoid the “Classified Blues”

Are you still flipping through classified ads in your local newspaper or trade publication to find your next NDT job? According to human resources experts, almost 85% of all job opportunities are never advertised. That cuts down your odds of finding the right job through an ad.

You need to tap into the vast network of NDT industry “insiders” who share and trade openings and opportunities. In NDT, experience counts when it comes to securing good permanent or contract positions, but so do connections. Networking helps you connect with people who may be able to help with your job hunt and career planning. Network with people at a higher level so you can discover what type of jobs might interest you as your career advances. Discover which skills and experiences are relevant to those jobs. Practice and polish your communications skills to increase your visibility in the field and uncover hidden markets. Ask questions and seek answers.

How do you “get connected” in the NDT industry? Try these tips on getting plugged into the NDT “network” in your area and across the country.

Join your local ASNT chapter and become an active member. Meet as many members as possible to learn more about our industry and uncover possible opportunities. Ask about conferences and other events you can attend. Talk to someone in the field you are interested in and interview them (if possible) for information about the position and industry.

Study the NDT industry. Research is a major key to an effective and successful career search. You need to define your career goals before writing your resume and cover letter or seeking a job interview. You can research online, in trade magazines, by contacting ASNT, or by calling a company that you admire within the industry.

Tap into online job search resources, especially those within the NDT and quality industry. Broad based online job searches can return plenty of “hits,” but few of them may meet your qualifications. Companies that specialize in NDT are more likely to be connected to the “hidden job market” where the good jobs circulate.