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How Much Time Are You Willing to Invest in a Job Search?

The process of looking for a new job is fairly well defined. Preparation of a resume, searching for job openings, researching companies, calling for an interview, calling again for an interview, sending out more resumes. The list goes on. And on.

All this takes time. Time away from your family and personal pursuits. If you are doing your searching during the day, it means time stolen from your current employer. How much time are you willing to invest in looking for a better job?

How about seven hours per week? According to the New York Times, the average job seeker reviews 69 help wanted ads per week, either posted on-line or in the newspaper. It takes about seven hours each week spent on a typical job search.

That does not include the time spent on interviews that may or may not be productive, depending on how much research was done prior to committing to the meeting.

It isn't much better on the other side of the desk. The Times reports that hiring managers from companies with fewer than 100 employees spend three hours per week reviewing resumes, while those at larger employers spend an average of six hours per week reading cover letters and resumes.

That is a significant amount of time devoted to a fairly tedious and often unproductive process. Do you really think that reading 69 help wanted ads each week is going to magically reveal your dream job? Or that staring at resumes for almost a full workday will result in the perfect employee suddenly popping up?

There are more efficient and more effective ways to hire and be hired. In the NDT industry, PQNDT's web-based job search and employee search offers the most extensive database of qualified candidates and current NDT job openings. But that is just the start.

Our system is designed to match up those job seekers with the proper skill sets, experience and certifications with the employers who need to fill open positions. Once we have your resume and salary requirements, we take over the hard work of finding the right job. On the employer side, once you enter job requirements, we can quickly match them up with available, qualified candidates.

Now, isn't that better than spending hours and hours pouring over newspaper ads or resumes?

Log onto our home page at www.pqndt.com to get started. It is time well spent.

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