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PQNDT Wavelength Newsletter Archives Are You a Job Hopper?

And will it hurt your chances during an interview?

Certain industries accept job hopping as an expected part of the career path. Some fields require candidates to come to the job prepared to work without requiring a great deal of company-paid training.

NDT is one of these industries, where skill sets and certifications can generally be transferred from one application to another. That is one reason why so many NDT professionals are happy to be contract employees, without the guarantee of a full-time position.

But can you overdo it? If you are a constant "job hopper," will it hurt your chances of getting a position that you really want?

But what if you are a job hopper who is looking for a full-time job with stability and benefits? What happens when an interviewer asks you why you have switched jobs so often?

Some employers may be suspicious of a resume that is filled with short stints. They may assume that a job hopper is unable to get along with co-workers or finish an assignment. Or question his or her loyalty.

Should you gloss over those short-term jobs? Omit them entirely from your resume? As in most cases, honesty is the best policy. Take full responsibility for the changes you made in your career path. Explain why you moved from one job to another. If possible, offer a short — but positive - explanation for each move. Emphasize that you are a better candidate because of such actions.

You can even turn your job hopping into an advantage. Be prepared to tell the interviewer how your skills, experience and education improved in each of your previous jobs and that such a diverse background can bring a fresh perspective to the job for which you are interviewing. Most employers will be interested in your overall career, and will not obsess over a few shorter stints here and there, as long as you demonstrate that you have grown from it and aren't likely to job hop in the future.

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