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PQNDT Wavelength Newsletter Archives Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Congratulations, you got the job! Now, how do you leave your present position without burning bridges behind you?

Saying "good-bye" is never easy, especially if you are leaving a job that you liked and co-workers that you enjoyed. Even escaping from a bad position can be difficult. Here are some helpful hints to make walking out the door easier.

  • Wait until your new job is confirmed before telling anyone about it. Make sure the offer you receive is what you want, and get it in writing. There is nothing worse that saying "So long!" and then having to come back on Monday morning because your new job fell through.

  • Tell your immediate supervisor first. Let him or her know how much you appreciate the opportunities you received, but that you felt it was time to move on. Remain firm in your decision, even if your boss pressures you to remain.

  • Give adequate notice. Two to four weeks is generally an acceptable amount of time. Avoid committing to any open ended "stay until we replace you" dates.

  • Offer to help train your replacement. It will take some of the pressure off your supervisor and co-workers.

  • Follow company policies regarding files, papers and equipment. Now is not the time to try and "liberate" customer lists or other proprietary information.

  • Say thanks to your co-workers. They have helped you do your job and get to the point where you are ready to move ahead. Now is not the time to tell that slob at the next work station what you really think of him! Wish everybody well both personally and professionally. You never know when you might meet them again.

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