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Memo from Michael

Quality vs. Quantity

The World Wide Web has had an enormous impact the recruitment and hiring process. In the past, communication between employers and job seeker was a slow, time-consuming process. Ads in local newspapers or trade journals got things started, resumes were mailed or faxed, reference checking could take weeks. Nothing moved quickly. Meanwhile, work needed to done, jobs remained open and good, qualified candidates were often lost in the shuffle.

The web changed all that. Now, on-line job postings and e-mail communication make the process faster and easier. But not always better.

For example, twenty years ago an employer in the NDT industry was lucky to get five or six resumes in response to a help wanted ad. Although not a huge group from which to choose, it was a relatively simple task to sort through the candidates, or even to interview them all.

But post an online help wanted ad today and you are likely to get bombarded with dozens — even hundreds — of applicants. Plenty of job seekers from which to choose! However, the sorting and screening process to weed out the wheat from the chaff can be an overwhelming task. You still only have the time to interview the very best candidates.

For the job seeker, it is easy to get lost in a blizzard of on-line applications for a single position. Although your qualifications and experience might be ideal for a certain job, there is no guarantee that your resume will even make it through to the right person.

All this confusion and overkill is the reason why PQNDT has remained, for over 40 years, a viable and attractive option for recruitment and placement in the NDT industry. We have embraced the available technology, but have applied it to work in our favor — not against us.

More important for an employer or candidate, we have not eliminated the human element. Our staff still plays a crucial role in bringing together employers and qualified job seekers. It is this "personal approach to personnel" that helps our company succeed on your behalf.

Michael P. Serabian

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