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Drill Down for More Effective Interviewing

Hiring technical staff is one of the most important parts of an NDT manager's job. It is especially challenging in today's tough labor market. Getting the right people in the right jobs is critical, so it cannot be left to chance.

There is nothing more frustrating than interviewing a job seeker who is unqualified for the position. Unless, of course, it is hiring someone who then does not fit in with the rest of your staff.

Here are some basic tips to help make sure you make a qualified — and quality - hire.

Require a resume and an employment application. Whether they are responding to an ad, applying through a web-based system, or cold calling your company, you should require potential employees to complete an application as well a submitting a resume. An application gives you an opportunity to ask the questions you want answered (within legal limits, of course) that might not be included on a resume. It will also give you a quick overview of the candidate's work history, certifications, education/training and salary history.

Have the candidates' immediate supervisor review the resumes.
Involving the staff in the hiring process helps to not only get a good technician but one who also fits with the current team. This is the way to build a strong, cohesive group.

Start the interview over the telephone. Before taking the time to bring a candidate in for a face-to-face interview, have a conversation over the telephone. This will give you a chance to find out up front if the person is truly qualified for the position. This is especially important if you are going to the expense of bringing a job applicant in from a great distance.

Have applicants interview with supervisors. Once you have selected potential candidates, set up interviews with the supervisory staff as well. At the end of the process, let them help to make a hiring recommendation.

Interview the applicants yourself. Your interviews will be from a management perspective, and your experience will help further qualify potential hires. Discuss your view of the person's skills and personality with the supervisor to come to an agreement on the best hire for the job.

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