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Find the "Needle in a Haystack"

Finding the "Needle in a Haystack" If you are an NDT manager your days are likely filled to capacity with scheduling, testing, data analysis, reports — the day-to-day responsibilities that keep you busy all week. With a few curves thrown into the mix from time to time to keep you on your toes.

But if you are an NDT manager who is short-staffed, with one or more personnel openings that need to be filled in order to cope with current workload and future projects, your workday routine can be thrown into chaos. Now, in addition to your regular responsibilities, you must make time to advertise the open position, collect resumes and applications, review qualifications, schedule interviews, sit down with candidates (who may or may not be qualified) and then, finally, try to decide which applicant would be the best fit for your team.

Do you have the time for all that? Hardly! Even if you have the luxury of a corporate human resources department, you'll need to spend precious hours educating HR on your needs and the type of person you are looking for, along with sifting through the piles of resumes they are sure to dump on your desk.

"Simple," you say. "I'll just post the opening on the internet." That's fine, if you want to spend your lunch hour and evenings reading e-mails from unqualified applicants who may not even know what the initials "NDT" mean!

Fortunately, PQNDT offers a way for you to conduct a candidate search in a much more efficient and effective manner. Our web-based recruitment program is simple, fast and intuitive to use. More importantly, it is NDT-specific, resulting in a selection of candidates who are qualified, motivated and ready to go to work for you.

Because we have over 40 years of successful experience in NDT recruitment, you won't have to educate the PQNDT staff on why you require certain qualifications, education or experience. We understand up front why you are asking for a Level II with AWI certs. We know the NDT industry, and the NDT industry knows us.

You Set the Bar, We'll Do the Jumping

PQNDT's web-based system allows you to manage the hiring process from your desktop. Once you post your job opening and requirements, our staff swings into action. Our first task is to help you define your job requirements and determine the best strategy to you meet your hiring goals.

Next, we'll scour our active database — the NDT industry's largest and deepest talent pool — for candidates who meet your specifications. No tire kickers, no candidates who "might be OK." We'll only present job seekers who are qualified, experienced and capable of filling your need.

If our database does not immediately produce a set of qualified candidates, our recruiters get busy tapping into our extensive network of contacts within the NDT industry to identify and contact potential prospects for your position. Again, our experience and narrow focus on NDT gives us the capacity to weed out unqualified candidates before they reach your desk.

Our screening process is one of the most valuable services we provide. We will not waste your time with candidates who do not meet the requirements of the job, do not have the necessary qualifications and certifications, or who are simply not a good fit. We check all references in advance before you even see the candidate's name.

Keep Tabs on the Process

Once we have narrowed down the field to the best candidates, PQNDT will coordinate and schedule interviews so that you can make the best use of your time. We'll even make the final job offer to the candidate of your choice.

You can track the progress of the search process on-line, in real time, around the clock. You'll be able to see who we have submitted to your company and what step of the hiring process they are in. All with the convenience of web-based access.

If you have an NDT position that needs to be filled, there is no simpler, faster and more efficient way to accomplish the task than PQNDT. Visit our website (www.pqndt.com) to see for yourself how the process works. Try us out for your next opening, and then relax.

We'll find your needle in a haystack.

Do you have a comment to make on this article? We'd like to hear from you! Please e-mail your comments or questions to newsletters@pqndt.com.

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