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Memo from Michael

Desperately Seeking NDT Help?

PQNDT's job search website has proven to be a good barometer of the health of the NDT industry. When times are good, activity on the web site jumps. During a slowdown, the job openings tend to slack off a bit.

We are thus encouraged by the current level of activity on our web site. Over the first six months of 2007 there has been a marked increase in the number of employers using our web site to post NDT job openings and to monitor and track those openings for responses by qualified candidates.

Keep in mind that these on-line job postings are in addition to those openings that are handled by our recruitment staff. To us, this is a clear indication that the NDT industry is healthy, active and expanding.

We are also pleased to see that employers are actively using the PQNDT website to directly post their openings. There is no quicker way to get news of an open position out to the widest possible audience of qualified NDT professionals, and no easier way to track and follow-up responses. Job candidates have long realized the power of the PQNDT website, and it is good to see employers "catching up."

Finally, I'd like to urge you to take a few minutes to complete our on-line Salary & Benefit Survey (www.pqndt.com/survey). This survey is one of the services we perform for the NDT industry, but we need your help to make it an accurate and complete profile of wages and benefits. We'd appreciate your participation.

Michael P. Serabian

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Memo from Michael

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